Star Wars: The New Age
Star Wars: The New Age

A New Age Of The Galaxy And The Newly Clone Troops Have Been Made And The Jedi Temple On Coruscant Has Been Built Again.
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 A link to Lightsaber Combat

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Schatten Damion
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PostSubject: A link to Lightsaber Combat   Sat Oct 31, 2009 11:37 pm

For all who want to put depth in their combat with lightsabers, I found a site that gives you different fighting styles and moves to go with them. Feel free to use it, but please don't name the move and expect someone to know what it is, please put the description in your post.

This is bad use of this info....
(start post)
Schatten entered the Kai-Kan Drop Stance.
(end post)

This is the better way to do it
(start post)
Schatten entered the Kai-Kan Drop Stance, holding the blade horizontal with the blade running just below his chin.
(end Post)

Here is the link....
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A link to Lightsaber Combat
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