Star Wars: The New Age
Star Wars: The New Age

A New Age Of The Galaxy And The Newly Clone Troops Have Been Made And The Jedi Temple On Coruscant Has Been Built Again.
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 The species

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PostSubject: The species   Thu Oct 29, 2009 6:59 am

Special unit division

Specialized clone troopersThe initial clone trooper units produced included a limited number of soldiers trained for specialized roles, such as piloting or command. As the Clone Wars progressed, the Grand Army became increasingly specialized, leading to the development of units specialized for specific environments, equipment use or combat roles.

Combat role-specialized variants
A clone trooper in Phase II armor.Advanced Recon Commandos performed special reconnaissance missions.
Alpha-class Advanced Recon Commandos represented the GAR's most elite and deadly soldiers.
Null-class Advanced Recon Commandos, though not initially activated due to instability and madness, were the lead intelligence units.

Clone assassins were trained to move very quickly and kill their targets efficiently with only two vibroblades or a sniper rifle.

Clone commandos trained, lived, and worked together in four unit teams to perform covert and commando style actions. They were as deadly and efficient as the ARC troopers.

Clone blaze troopers were units using heavily-armed and armored battlesuits for heavy engagements.

Clone marines were trained specifically to attack Separatist boarding parties during a space battle or sabotage enemy capital ships.

Covert Ops clone troopers offered stealth advantages.

Clone recon troopers carried out reconnaissance and surveillance for Jedi Generals.

Clone scout troopers performed reconnaissance and scout missions.

Clone trooper commanders combined enhanced tactical knowledge with advanced combat skills.

MEC trooper, a heavily armed class of clone trooper variants

Shadow troopers were an elite group of stealth troopers to worked undercover for Republic Intelligence.

Clone cold assault troopers were trained specifically for battle and survival in extremely cold regions.

Clone SCUBA troopers were adapted to work and fight underwater.

Clone shock troopers were assigned to Homeworld Security Command and tasked with enforcing law and order on Coruscant.

Clone swamp troopers were camouflaged and trained for recon on harsh terrain.

A Phase II pilot.Clone combat engineers were assigned to heavy artillery.

AT-RT drivers piloted AT-RT walkers.

AT-TE commanders led the massive AT-TE walkers.

BARC troopers, special BARC speeder riders.

Clone blaze troopers and clone trooper grenadiers provided heavy, close range anti-troop firepower.

Clone engineers were a special group of trained troopers that repaired vehicles and did demolition work.

Clone heavy troopers were specialists with missile and rocket launchers and specialized armor.

Clone jet trooper provided aerial tactics with jetpacks.

Clone lancer troopers operated speeder bikes and jousted with power lances.

Clone paratroopers were a elite group of clones specially made for high-altitude combat jumps with specialized helmets and armor.

Clone snipers were specialized troopers whose primary objective was to kill enemies from a distance.

Clone heavy gunners were troopers that specialized in heavier anti-troop weapons.

Clone trooper pilots were trained to fly anything from a military speeder to a Venator-class Star Destroyer and serve as field technicians.

Flame troopers were specialized in using flamethrowers and other incendiary weapons.

Anti-Imperial clone troopers were designed specifically for the Kamino Uprising against the Imperial stormtroopers.

Alein humaniods

Twi'leks are humanoid creatures native to Ryloth. Their culture strongly suggests male rule and has been that way since Nola Tarkona founded the Diversity Alliance in the Young Jedi Knights series of books. These creatures have two "head-tails" called lekku that extend from the back of their head. The muscles in these tails can be used to relate the mood of their owner. Most of twi'lek economy is based on slave trade. Female slaves were sold as dancers, assistants, and into other lowly jobs until Nola took over Ryloth. After her takeover most of the economy was based on Ryll spice, which grows native in the caves of Ryloth. Jedi master Aayla Secura was a Twi'lek.

Togruta, a colorful and exotic alien species, from the planet Shili.

Wookiees are large, hairy, primate-like creatures, native to Kashyyk, that slightly resemble the modern day depictions of Sasquatch. Despite having great strength and a short temper, they are described as an intelligent and scientific race.

Mandalorians are a race descended from the Taung, a gray skinned humanoid race native to Coruscant. The Taung are forced from Coruscant by the rising human population. The warring race name their new planet "Mandalore", after their leader, Mandalore the First.
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The species
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