Star Wars: The New Age
Star Wars: The New Age

A New Age Of The Galaxy And The Newly Clone Troops Have Been Made And The Jedi Temple On Coruscant Has Been Built Again.
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 Battle over Geonosis. [open]

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PostSubject: Battle over Geonosis. [open]   Thu Nov 12, 2009 4:45 pm

( not much is going on war realted so i htought i would stick this out there.)

A armada of hellcats and dive bombers blaze through the sky. followed by two republic gun ships. I radio over my comlink to fleet of 100.
"ok you guys this is it. From where we are is a base of about 10000 dorids and many droid facotries. The mission is to take them out. eveything from dorids to tankers. You guys where picked by me becuase you the best of the best. half of us are hellcats and the other are dive bombers. Divers im sending you the cordnites of a giant wall mounted with guns and droids. This wall is huge as big as 200 feetup and is built in between the end of two mountains." i send the cordnites over to t h divers. "your jobs is to take itout so are drop ships can land sending in support. while us hellcats can take the sky and get them clankers down. plus there are some factories that only our amromr percing rounds can get at.Over an out boys goo luck." i say as my squad pulls a hard left as the dive bomber reach alttitude and make there way for war.
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Battle over Geonosis. [open]
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