Star Wars: The New Age
Star Wars: The New Age

A New Age Of The Galaxy And The Newly Clone Troops Have Been Made And The Jedi Temple On Coruscant Has Been Built Again.
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 Roy Kanobi powers

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PostSubject: Roy Kanobi powers   Roy Kanobi powers I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 01, 2009 9:03 am

Force points:(Number force points Used)5
Description:was a Force power that allowed a user to create a perfect illusion of his or herself through the Force.

Name:Force Stun
Force points:(Number force points Used)10
Description:was a light side power that could temporarily deaden the senses and perceptions of a targeted enemy. It was often used when a Jedi faced a large number of opponents or if they wished to disable an enemy long enough to flee from or apprehend them. To use the power, the Jedi would use the Force to induce them into a catatonic state. Beings or creatures with a high degree of willpower could resist the effects of this power. In addition, it was ineffective against droids and other inorganic beings.

Name:Force Wave
Force points:(Number force points Used)5
Description:One of the most powerful forms of Force Push. It was essentially a wave of pure Force-energy that pulsed out from the Force user that utilized it, which knocked back anything within the power's blast radius.

Name:Force Repulse
Force points:(Number force points Used)15
Description:An extremely powerful telekinetic Force power, similar in function to Force Push, and perhaps even more Force Blow, but on a far larger scale, akin to that of Force Wave. The user created sharp, visible kinetic ripples in space, which expanded outward rapidly, flinging nearby objects away at high velocity. The power only affected objects a certain distance away from the user, and therefore anyone could avoid its effects by moving closer to the user. Darth Vader was a master of this ability, as was his apprentice, Galen Marek.

Name:Force Whirlwind
Force points:(Number force points Used)10
Description:A more advanced form of Force Push, and a feeble version of Force Wave. The Jedi would alter the air currents around an opponent, turning it into a maelstrom. This swirling force would lift an opponent into the air, spin them around, and completely immobilize them. This allowed the Jedi to attack without resistance. One of the most notable uses of this ability was from Jacen Solo when confronting Tsavong Lah on Duro. Jedi Master Streen and Teneniel Djo demonstrated a natural talent for this ability, as well as Plo Koon, who further modified it with his knowledge. Darth Malak used this ability during his confrontation with Revan on the Leviathan. The former Dark Lord of the Sith, as well as the Ho'Din Jedi Master Plett may also have known how to use it. This ability was known to the Witches of Dathomir as the Spell of Storm. The Jedi Exile and her companions may also have used this force power during her quest to save the galaxy.

Name:Protection Bubble
Force points:(Number force points Used)10
Description:A Protection Bubble, bubble of safety,[1] or a Force bubble[1] was a Force power, probably related to Force Protection. With this ability, the user could create a defensive sphere around their body. It is described as a shimmering blue globe of energy. It could protect the user from a wide range of attacks, deflect laser blasts, defend against lightsabers, vacuums and even inflict certain amounts of damage upon contact with the enemy. Protection bubbles can also be used offensively. Should the user surround the attacker in a Protection bubble, it is possible the attacker will become a victim of their own attack, having been trapped within its destructive radius. Due to the extreme concentration of needed to sustain the bubble however, the user would have to be momentarily immobile in order to enact the bubble, and sometimes, completely stationary in order to sustain it.

Name: Force Push
Force points: 5
Description: user uses the force to push objects, people, or himself around no matter the size. (anything under the size of a star-fighter)

Name: Force Pull
Force points: 5
Description: user uses the force to pull objects, or people around no matter the size. (anything under the size of a star-fighter)

Name: Force Jump
Force points: 5
Description: user uses the force to jump higher in the air.

Name: Force Levitation/ Crush
Force points: 5
Description: user uses the force to levitate objects, people, or himself in place no matter the size (anything under the size of a star-fighter). He also has the ability to crush the object, or person or certain section of the object, or person

Name: Force Heal
Force points: 15 (small wounds), 25 (medium wounds), 35 (large wounds), 45 (fatal wounds)
Description: user uses the ability of the force to heal people, animals, or himself. He can heal anything from small wounds to large wounds, and at times fatal wounds.

Name: Lightning/ Force Stop/Redirect
Force points: 15 (Also depends on the situation)
Description: user can stop Force Lightning, or Force Grabs, Force Pulls, or Force Pushes on him and redirect it back at the attacker.

Name: Force Grab/ Throw
Force points: 10 (depends on the size of the object he is stopping)
Description: user can use the force to grab a object or person (under the size of a star-fighter), and hold them still to where they can't move at all, and also throw them a good distance.

Name: Kinetite
Force points: 10 (if held, it costs 10 every post)
Description: was a sphere of restrained kinetic energy which could be thrown at an enemy. The ball was fist-sized and could batter down most obstacles in its path. Some Sith Masters had been known to flatten ferrocrete bunkers with kinetite.[source?] Nevertheless, if the target of the kinetite employed the Force defensively, the kinetite could be easily deflected back to its owner.
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PostSubject: Re: Roy Kanobi powers   Roy Kanobi powers I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 01, 2009 9:39 am


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Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
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Roy Kanobi powers
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