Star Wars: The New Age
Star Wars: The New Age

A New Age Of The Galaxy And The Newly Clone Troops Have Been Made And The Jedi Temple On Coruscant Has Been Built Again.
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PostSubject: Edwinsz   Thu Oct 29, 2009 11:06 am

Name: Edwinsz Ki-Lin
Rank: Jedi Knight
Alliance: Light Side
Species: Human/Jedi
Homeplanet: Coruscant
Age: 26

Eyes Colour: Black
Hair Colour: Black
Height: 6"9
Weight: 128 lbs.
Scars: Edwinsz has a long scar on his back burned during a battle with a Sith. He also has two scars on the right side of his neck, one during accidental cutting with his lightsaber as a Padawan, and another a close-range blaster shot. Edwinsz has a final scar on his left arm during the "War of Polis Massa".

History: Edwinsz was born in Coruscant and abadoned by his unknown parents as an orphan. A kind man by the name of Jin Ki-Lin, a Jedi Master and Council Member, took him in and raise the baby as his own. His Zarbakian wife, Krou Ki-Lin had loved the ida and also raised the baby. They were not required to name this baby as attached to it, he was already dubbed by the parents that had abandoned him. The note had said, "From this day, let he be known as "Edwinsz"." Harnessing the Force at age of six, Edwinsz could pushg away metal objects but had no control over his powers. So at that early age, he was brought in by his foster father and trained as a Jedi youngling. He grew up training under Jedi Grand Master "Uyki" until he was assigned to a teacher at age 12. Edwinsz's master was Loken Shiyko and the pair had excellent cooperation means and teamwork. Master and Student, they fought in misisons side by side. Edwinsz had crafted his own lightsaber and inhabited a blue crystal. Loken had taught Edwinsz to follow the values of a Jedi and the Jedi Code. No only that, but he also taught Edwinsz how to control the powers of "The Force" and to extent it so he can utilize it at will. With that, his lightsaber training was great but the most impressive ability Edwinsz possess among th many Jedi Padawans of his generation is his quick reflexes and agilitical speed. Edwinsz was very fast and merely no opponents can match or dodge Edwinsz's fast lightsaber wieldment. Instincts honed by a thousand clone troopers they had said, he was also a very high jumper.

At age 15, Edwinsz was ready for the Jedi Trials. However, it was delayed due to a certain incident. When he arrived home, he caught his parents unaware. They were talking about Edwinsz's birth life and how to conceal the truth from him when he becomes an adult. Enraged and confused, he bursted in and demanded answers from his parents. When Jin and Krou had failed to identify his parents or the reason they had lied to him, anger and aggression raged inside Edwinsz. The rage had surpressed Edwinsz's Jedi Training and control of the Forc, using a more "dark side." Jin had reacted too slow as with a quick and sudden flicker of Edwinsz' hand, the couple were pushed against a wall and their heads flew into an electrical microwave.. which was on that time. Blood spurted out and Edwinsz was shocked in terror. The authoriies found him in a lake, where his expression was scary. As they were unable to identify any suspects, he was spared any further stress. So he had completed his Jedi Trials at age 17 and promoted into a successful Jedi Knight. He was alao a veteran during when Coruscant attacked Polis Massa due to suspected nuclear terrorist weapons, and the fight would have ended Edwinsz' life if not for his reactions and timing. His most prominant battle was with a Genosian Sith Lord that had faced the Jedi Knight with much aggression. Edwinsz's controlled Force skill overcame the Sith's aggressive Force nature and so he had won by cutting off his head and ending his life.Now, he serves as a powerful jedi Knight, nuturing the young ones, departed from his master, and mastering Force powers that he had always known.

Health: 200
Force: 250
Strength: 87
Speed: 100
Stamina: 70
Accuracy: 85
Melee Weapon Training: 95
Ranged Weapon training: 40

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